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Roof Cleaning in Spokane

Spokane Pressure Washing concentrates in residential roof cleaning. We are able to clean and remove algae, black streaks, moss, and lichens problems from your shingle and composite roof. Even though we specialize in cleaning roofs, we also render surface concrete cleaning, house cleaning, and gutter cleaning. When the black streaks begin to multiply and slowly take over on the bigger part of the roof you’ll see how bad your house looks. But what we should take into consideration is the damage it does to roof from within. The living microorganism is literally feeding on your roof and also plays as a propagation ground for insects. If untreated, it could grab 10 or 15 years out of the roof’s lifespan.

Hiring a Spokane Professional Roof Cleaning Company

When it comes to cleaning your roof calling a professional to come in and do the job correctly should be a big part of your decision.  Or you can attempt it yourself risking your safety by attempting something that probably isn’t in your playbook.  Professional roof cleaning companies have performed the task over and over again.  Practicing the same thing over and over usually leads to one thing – Perfection.  The hired company will have all the proper training and the correct tools to do the best thru completing the job.  Instead of investing in all the expensive roof cleaning tools, it may be a money saver to just pay and have it done correctly.  Different roofs will be made of different materials.  It’s important to recognize the different roofs and know what should be used to clean them.  This isn’t expected from someone who has never cleaned a roof before.  Our professional roof cleaning experts have done hundreds of roofs in the Spokane and Spokane Valley area.

Correct Roof Cleaning Methods

Diverse processes, but similar end product. In cleaning the roof, most of the cleaners apply pressure or bleach. Each scheme has its disadvantages and advantages, but it both works and will have your roof cleaning done without damaging it. Using either process depending on the preferences and situations is their ability. It won’t harm the roof if you apprehend what the roof shingles are made out of; it will be observed that the process is effective. Chemicals and pressure are useless when matched to what natural occurrences can toss at the roof.

Call us at Spokane Pressure Washing for a free roof cleaning consultation. Again I can’t stress the importance of keeping your Spokane roof clean.  If Moss or Algae goes untreated it can ruin your roof costing you the homeowner tens of thousands of dollars to replace it.  Don’t just take my word for it, ask a roofer how much to replace your roof.  You may be asking yourself how do I find a good roof cleaning company here in Spokane.  My advice is look closely into the company before you hire them.  Do they have good reviews?  Do they have bad reviews?  Do they have any reviews?  Sometimes it’s impossible to know isn’t it?



Roof Cleaning Company in Spokane

A Sure Way to Find a Good Company

There’s a company called Angies List which brings the reviews from the contractor to the consumer.  If you haven’t heard of them I’d strongly recommend looking into them.  The way it works is, let’s say I’m an angies List member and I hire a contractor to paint my house.  After the work is done Angies List will send me a reminder to leave a review on how the company did.  This review is posted on their profile and they cannot remove it.  So if you see where this is going, it’s impossible to fake the reviews and also impossible for a company to hide from poor reviews.  It’s simple, if you look on Angies List and see a company with several bad reviews, you should probably steer clear.  But when you find the company with all perfect reviews, the water should be safe.

Roof Cleaning Spokane


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Spokane Pressure Washing may be named after a different service, but trust me we specialize in roof cleaning, house washing, moss removal and several other services.  If you’re from spokane and in need of this service please give us a call.  We have a wide variety of areas we service:  Spokane, Spokane Valley, South Hill of Spokane, Colbert  Mead, Deer Park Wa, Newport Wa, Priest River, Coeur d Alene, Hayden, Post Falls and Liberty Lake