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Pressure Washing Hayden

Power Washing in Hayden Id –  Maintenance is an important part of keeping your home’s value high and your home in good working condition. However, outside elements cause irreversible damage to your homes if left untreated. Don’t fear, there is nothing to worry about as we promise to take care of all your cleaning needs whether you want to sell your Hayden home or live in it for another 20 years. We have brought home washing to your footsteps! Home owners need to thoroughly evaluate their homes and roofs for damage in terms of debris like mold, mildew, algae and moss which is most likely to develop in Hayden Idaho due to its humid climate. This debris poses a threat for health hazard as well as extensive property damage. Avoid these damages and take action now by hiring us today.

Services offered in Hayden

Low Pressure Damage Free Power Washing If you have just moved to Hayden or a new home or unsure whether your home needs cleaning, just go outside of your home and wipe one finger down the siding. If it leaves a dirty swipe or your fingers come off dirty then you will most likely need the services for Low Pressure Damage Free House Washing.  As the name suggests, we use low pressure which would not even make your wince if applied on your hands. We will gently shampoo and lather the house and let it set for 15 minutes. Afterwards, we gently spray off the lather with very little pressure. Our Hayden Pressure Washing customers find this method to be better than the old style of blowing the dirt off with power. We believe that pressure washing does not have to be harsh and your beloved homes need a more gentle touch.

Soft Wash Power Washing in Hayden

Soft washing is used for areas such as shingled roofs and exteriors where vinyl siding are installed. This form of pressure washing is at a reduced psi level and hence, is safer for these areas. Shingled roofs can be severely damaged by high pressure that will even cause harm to the underlying material causing them to loosen or even break. In soft washing, our technicians use a small nozzle that allows them to apply generous amounts of detergent to the affected areas. The detergent is combined with a sodium based solution to help the cleaning products work better on debris such as algae. Also, sodium is water soluble and therefore, there is less water used to rinse away the cleaning products.

We also have a soft wash to kill and wash off all the mold spots. Moreover, we ensure to take care of the plantation surrounding your home so that no harm comes to them. The cherry on top is our 3 year warranty which comes with all our work. However, we are certain that our system will kill the mold and seedlings down to the roots so that they never come back. Hence, we aspire that our customers never have to use their warranty as the first time results are 100% satisfactory.

What to Expect from us

We have service technicians that understand the requirements which go in eliminating these substances. They are trained to know the amount of pressure it is required to fully remove them without damaging the customer’s property. For instance, our technicians know that parts of the house made from concrete or brick can withhold more pressure than others can. Hence, for such constructions, they use nozzles on their machines that blast at a high psi level and cover a larger area in a shorter time. This power washing technique is very beneficial around concrete areas of swimming pools as debris is most likely to form there in high volumes. Moreover, our technicians use a high-potency cleaning agent in these areas to ensure that there is reduced future algae development.

Hayden pressure washing and other services offered

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Pressure Washing in Hayden and Other areas

We offer our pressure washing services not only in Hayden but as well as in other areas like Liberty Lake, Post Falls, Spokane Valley, Coeur d’Alene, Rockford Bay Black Rock, Rathdrum, Deer Park, Post Falls, Kidd Island, Nine Mile Falls, Newport, Eagle Ridge Hangman Hills, Priest River, Five Mile, Colbert, Mead, Cheney, Airway Heights, Medical Lake, Dalton Gardens, Hauser, Sagle, Spangle, Sandpoint, Hope, South Hill, Newman Lake, Bonners Ferry, Elk, Moyie Springs, Blanchard, Chattaroy, Gozzer, Spirit Lake and so on.

So what are you waiting for?   Call us now and get your house washed and cleaned by our highly talented and responsible team of cleaning technicians.