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Pressure Washing Hayden Lake

Pressure Washing in Hayden Lake – Proper maintenance is essential if you wish to maintain the value of your Hayden Lake home, and leaving any outside element untreated can result in irreversible damage which is going to cost you more to fix in the long run. We offer various services right here in Hayden Lake to help with all your residential cleaning requirements. Whether you are selling your house or planning to stay there, you are likely to need one of our services. Washing your house can be compared to washing your car, except the house is a little too big to fit through a car wash, which is why we bring the equipment right to you and do all the work for you. After being washed, your Hayden Lake house will look better, smell fresh and feel cleaner. Not only will your house feel more inviting but washing it can also add value to your investment and prevent any small issues turning into major ones. You have invested a lot of money into your home so protecting your investment with a pressure wash makes good sense.

Low Pressure Damage-Free Power Washing for Hayden Lake

You can see if your car needs washing but it might not be so simple to figure out whether your house needs the same, especially if you just moved to Hayden Lake and do not know when it was last done, if ever. Go outside and wipe a finger down the siding, now look at your finger. If it is dirty then a power wash is sure to benefit your home. What you see on your finger is just a tiny fraction of the dirt on your house and you might have other issues, such as algae or mold, which you cannot see.

Soft Washing in Hayden Lake

With our soft wash option we keep the pressure very low, lathering it up, letting it set, then spraying it all off. Pressure washing might be faster but it is not guaranteed to be damage-free, so in order to protect your Hayden Lake Property but still get it as clean as possible, we prefer to take the time to do a great job while keeping the pressure gentle. The soft wash option will wash all the dirt off your house and also kill common mold spots. Of course we will protect any plantation around your home while we do this. If your house does have mold or moss, this type of cleaning will actually kill it down to the root, including any seedlings, so it will not return. Consider soft washing for your vinyl siding and shingled roof. The reduced psi level means these areas can be thoroughly cleaned but with a gentler pressure. High pressure could damage vinyl siding or a shingled roof (and underlying materials) so it is best to choose the soft wash option. The solution used is typically a detergent with a sodium-based solution, so the mixture will connect to the algae, mold or other debris, enabling it to be rinsed away afterwards.

Pressure Washing in Hayden Lake

Although vinyl siding requires soft washing to get rid of any dirt, mildew, algae or mold without damaging the house itself, we also offer a high pressure washing service for other areas. Anything constructed of brick is able to withstand higher pressure, which means the pressure washer nozzle can blast at a higher psi level and cover bigger areas in less time. Patios, decks and areas around a swimming pool are suitable for this type of washing, since they can withstand higher-potency cleaning solutions and high-power pressure washing, getting them even cleaner in a reduced timeframe. If you are not sure which type of pressure washing is best for your home, we are happy to advise you. Our work comes with a 3-year warranty for your peace of mind. If you have never had your house professionally washed before, we are sure you are going to be delighted with the results.

Pressure Washing Services

Besides Power washing we have other services offered to the Hayden Lake area: moss treatment, moss removal,  hayden lake house washing, sidewalk cleaning, fence washing, mold algae cleanup, hayden lake roof cleaning, Driveway cleaning, walkway cleaning, driveway sealing, hayden lake walkway sealing, mildew mold removal, fleet washing, hayden lake auto dealership cleaning, exterior commercial building cleaning, hayden lake shopping center storefront cleaning, apartment complex washing, HOA pressure washing, Hayden Lake Property management power washing, restaurant patio cleaning, stucco cleaning, rain gutter cleaning, fast food drive thru cleaning, Hayden Lake gas station pad washing, heavy equipment or machinery pressure wash, fence washing, oil removal, brick cleaning.

Pressure Washing Service Areas

We provide pressure washing Hayden Lake and these other areas: Liberty Lake, Spokane, Spokane Valley Wa, Rathdrum, Coeur d’Alene Id, Hayden, South Hill, Post Falls Id, Bay Black Rock,  Kidd Island, Deer Park, Hayden, Cda, Five Mile, Nine Mile Falls Wa, Newport wa, Eagle Ridge Hangman Hills,  Colbert, Mead, Cheney, Airway Heights Wa, Dalton Gardens, Newman Lake, Hauser, Sagle Id, Spangle, Medical Lake, Sandpoint, Hope Id, Bonners Ferry,