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Parking Garage Cleaning in Spokane – We offer several different choices for parking garage cleaning and power washing. From a deep clean to a fast rinse off. We can also pre-treat grease and oil staining. First we can talk about our Pressure Washing Method. The water coming out of our hot & cold pressure washing machine can reach temperatures of 165 degrees to 190 degrees F. These pressure washing systems are a fraction of the cost you would pay for a Thermal Extraction system. This system will work great for Parking Garage cleaning, however if you have a lot of oil stains you may want to consider a more frequent routine switching back and forth between different methods. It’s recommended for best results you have the concrete cleaned on a quarterly basis. Another choice is our Surface Cleaning Scrubber, which is designed to wash away spills and dirt on the surface of the garage before they embed themselves into the concrete. If you have stains that already are embedded our hot water surface cleaner will work wonders.  Dirty Parking Garages are a matter of public health and safety. What happens if someone slips in your parking garage, or there is oil dripping from the ceiling or puddles on the ground, perhaps the EPA is checking for runoff from this oil or from the ever present heavy metal in the parking garage? You will need to find a trusted parking garage washing company.

How to Find a Parking Garage Cleaning Company in Spokane

First, when choosing someone to hire, it is like choosing whether to choose a certified or an uncertified tattooist: while they both claim to the same thing, the second is more likely to leave you with an infection or an unsatisfying result. You should ask your potential contractor how long they have been in business and whether or not their garage cleaning services are to EPA specifications or not. Many times, you will come across companies with equipment designed for multiple purposes such as hood cleaning who due to the economy have expanded their services. While you may be able to trust this company for hood cleaning, they may not be the best option for your parking garage washing. Second, you need a company that will use the right equipment, procedures and planning for your garage. Most garages at 300,000 square feet will have 50 to 300 gallons of sludge. The company’s filtration system needs to be the correct size for the job so as not to result in clogged filters, delays and liabilities. As for cleaning equipment, the right company will use 5.6 GMP hot pressure washers or stronger and not just sweepers and scrubbers which are used for a more general, every day cleaning. Third, you need to keep in mind where your cleaning is. In Spokane, your contractor should be meeting all certifications, price allowances and procedures according to Washington State’s laws. Take a look at the rules and verify the compliance of each before hiring a company.

Researching the Company

If you’re asking yourself how to find a good Parking Garage Cleaning company, my best advice is to do your homework.  Find several company’s from either an online search or the good old phone book, but don’t stop the research there.  Once you have several in mind, check their credentials.  A great way to check on a company is to run a search looking for reviews from customers who have used them.  For example if you found us you would run an online search “Spokane Pressure Washing company reviews”  There are several sites that collect reviews from real customers such as Google+, City Search, Angies List and several others.  Angies List is my favorite as a consumer when looking for a contractor.

Angies List is a company set up to connect customers reviews with contractor profiles.  The way it works is – the member pays a small $5 to $15 a year membership fee to have access to a wide range of contractors.  Let’s say you were looking for a Plumber or Parking Garage Cleaning company.  You would search plumber on Angies list and it would pull up dozens of plumbers in your area all having several reviews from customers who have used their service.  If you hired the company after the work was done, you too would leave a review.  As you can see these are all Honest Real reviews and a great way to determine which company to hire. So how long should you be cleaning the parking garage? It depends on the age of the structure but generally, parking garages should be deep cleaned every six months to a year. So here in Spokane, who can you trust but Spokane Pressure Washing? We promise the best quality clean that will leave your parking garage spick and span with no environmental risks. Our methods are up to all codes and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Besides Parking Garage Cleaning

We have a variety of other services offered to the Spokane area: moss treatment, moss removal, sidewalk cleaning, fence washing, roof cleaning, mold algae cleanup, house washing, Driveway cleaning, walkway cleaning, mildew mold removal, fleet washing, auto dealership cleaning, driveway sealing, walkway sealing, exterior commercial building cleaning, apartment complex washing, HOA pressure washing, shopping center storefront cleaning, Property management power washing, stucco cleaning, rain gutter cleaning, fast food drive thru and restaurant patio cleaning Spokane Pressure Washing has been cleaning parking garages in the Spokane, Spokane Valley area for four years. If you are searching for the right company, give us a call.

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