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Spokane House Washing – If your desire for the exterior of the house is for its appearance to be neat, no matter if the kind of siding you have is made of aluminum, vinyl, brick, wood, or concrete shingles, be prepared to devote some major effort and time. The old method was to use water with soap and a stiff bristle brush attached to the end of a pole. And then scrubbing it downward, and rinsing it off with water.  Or another way was to hit the siding with a pressure of high velocity water blowing the dirt off.  This continually caused damage and I’m shocked company’s today still do it.

Spokane House Washing

There’s a better House Washing Technique called SOFT WASH

Things have changed and now there’s a much better method achieving an even better result.  It’s called “Soft washing”  Soft washing is a safe way to give your house a non-pressure bath.  There is no chance of damage if done correctly.  The pressure is light enough you can put it on your hand without hurting one bit.  Pressure washing company’s down in the southern states have been using this method for decades.  Not until now has some of the company’s in the Spokane area adapted the system. A Safe non pressure method of washing your house.  Who wouldn’t want it done this way?  I’m sure to not be alone when I answer yes.  If you have mold spots or algae of any kind on your siding, our chlorine based cleanser will kill it along with removing the stubborn dirt.

House Washing Company in Spokane

Wash my home – Soft Washing has replaced the old Power washing method.  Instead of blasting the dirt off, we simply lather up your house with our cleanser.  The same as shampoo-ing your hair.  A nice gentle lather sets for appx 15 minutes breaking all the mold, dirt, grime away.  Then we come behind in a low pressure state rinse the cleanser off. Your House will shine as if it was freshly painted.

Coeur d Alene House Washing Is Safe when done Correctly

If you own property in the Spokane, Spokane Valley area and are wanting your house washed, make sure the company you hire knows what they’re doing.  Our soft wash technique for washing your house is the safest way to clean it.  Using a low pressure water to wash all the dirt and grime off the surfaces of your home is going to leave it sparkling like it was when freshly painted.  With literally zero chance of any damage being left behind after the wash.

Coeur d Alene House Washing

Why is this method so important to you the Spokane Home owner? Most traditional methods use a pressure washing machine and just blast the dirt off the surface.  The harder the better.  The problem with this method is exactly what you’re thinking.  High pressure can cause some pretty bad damage if done several different ways.  Our low pressure method also known as Soft Wash avoids all of these concerns as the pressure is low enough you can point the wand directly at your hand and be alright.  You would think all House Washing Company’s in Spokane would use this safer method but reality most have never heard of it.

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What is Soft Wash

To help you understand Soft Washing a little better and see the awesome results, here is a video from one of our pressure washing Comrades in North Carolina, Pressure Kleen. We use the same exact method.

House Washing Service Area’s

Spokane Pressure washing provides house washing to several locations throughout Washington State and Northern Idaho.  To mention a few:  Spokane, Spokane Valley, South Hill, Colbert, Five Mile, Nine Mile, Liberty Lake, Rathdrum, Spirit Lake, Priest River, Newport, Post falls, Coeur D’alene, Hayden, Hayden Lake Call now to set up an appointment for any of our specialty services (509) 822-5941