Gutter Cleaning Spokane

One of the most important things about hiring a company to clean your gutters is ignored. It could be the most important piece of making the right decision too.  Is the gutter cleaning company you hire licensed and properly insured? That is an important question because why?  If the owner or employee of the company gets hurt while working on your property you could be open to a lawsuit. This can be easily avoided by simply not hiring anyone who can’t provide you with proof of insurance and license. Insurance isn’t that expensive but it’s a short cut a lot of the fly by night so called companies take. If you ask for the insurance and they can’t provide it, chances are they aren’t insured.

We gave been cleaning gutters in the Spokane area professionally for 12 years. Over the course of this time, I am confident in the fact that we have become the best we can be at the job. From minor problems to overflowing gutter downspouts, you can trust us, we are the solution to your problems. Take time to look through our pages and read about all the services we offer.

We carefully work from the roof line using specialized gutter cleaning tools and equipment to get out items such as leaves and pine needles, soil and debris. It is common for balls or other foreign objects to clog up your gutters and we can help remove those things as well. The most important part of gutter cleaning is confirming that all downspouts are working right and are not in any way blocked. If your downspout is clogged or not working properly, we have the best solution. Using a special tool kind of like a plumbing snake to find and remove anything clogging the gutter or downspout. Is your gutter spilling over right now? Now you have a problem. But you shouldn’t worry, hiring a professional Spokane gutter cleaning company can take care of this for you.


Gutters are an integral part of our homes, you should provide them with maintenance so that they are clean and free of refuse. If not, rainwater will not be able to drain properly which could amount to bigger problems such as flooding or damages to your home. To keep water flowing correctly, you should clean your gutters regularly.

How many times and how often should we clean our gutters? Commonly, it is best advised to clean tour gutters at least twice a year: usually in Spring and in Fall. This however also depends on the number of trees around your home. You should have your gutters cleaned before leaves fall in autumn to prevent them from retaining water and freezing. This is one of the biggest problems Spokane home owners face every year and can cost them thousands of dollars which could have been avoided by simple routine gutter cleaning. In the Spring, flowering trees with seeds and petals can clog your gutters and block downspouts.

Gutter Cleaning Spokane

Gutter Cleaning

The most common resource for finding services of this or any type is the internet exactly as you have found this article. More specifically, you would open a search engine such as Google and look up “Gutter cleaning spokane”. Various companies will appear but having a website does not guarantee reputability. I would advise you to create a selection of potential contractors and do backgrouds check on each company. This is most easily done by checking their reviews.

Running a Background check on the company you hire? There are a couple of ways to do this. The most reliable way is to check companies’ reviews or customer testimonials. By performing the same search as you did for gutter cleaning Spokane but this time using the company name, city and service and followed by the word reviews or testimonials you will find that several review sites will pop up. Sites such as Google Plus, Angies List, City Search etc. are probably the most rigorous since bringing together customers and contractors is their main business. Most companies such as mine have a page posted with reviews from customers however, these can easily be changed or made up and there is no way to tell. Because of that, I highly recommend that you read both including non biased sites such as the ones mentioned above.

Spokane Gutter Cleaning Company

Why us?  As already mentioned we have been cleaning gutters well over a decade. Have you ever done something over and over? If so you can relate when I say we have become very good at cleaning gutters over this time. We carry a two million dollar Liability policy and utilize the best equipment available. We have received several different awards for outstanding service from Best Spokane Gutter Cleaning Company to receiving the Angies List Super Service Award. If you’re familiar with this award you’ll understand when I say it wasn’t easy to achieve.  We also have hundreds of Five Star Reviews from customers just like you. We didn’t earn their trust or praise by anything short of outstanding work and customer service.