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Graffiti Removal Services in Spokane

Graffiti Removal in Spokane – Whether it be paint drippings, Acid Graffiti, Etched or Scratched Glass, accidental markings from another contractor or just vandalism by graffiti, we can take care of it for you. Vandalism comes in several shapes and forms and is common in larger to midsize cities such as Spokane & Spokane Valley. It could be scratches to glass known as tagging, or it could be spray painted gang symbols. Paint is usually sprayed on brick walls, cement, even wood structures. These are all very easily treated, but graffiti on some other surfaces can be more of a challenge. It’s best if you give us a call so we can analyze the damage. While some cities praise graffiti and even have tours to see it, in most places it is an ongoing problem. Graffiti can be simple or complex art created by a person or group to either protest or to display their art. Graffiti is in Spokane defaces buildings and structures using spray cans with permanent ink and paint.

How Does Graffiti Hurt The Public?

The vandals committing this crime don’t believe their actions hurt anyone, when in reality it hurts the entire public:  communities, businesses, homeowners, everyone who pays taxes basically.  It lowers the value of the neighborhoods as graffiti can be a sign of high gang activity.  Who wants to buy a home or start a business in this type of neighborhood when you can look elsewhere.  The cost for fixing this graffiti in the United States is an alarming high figure.  Not just the private property owners foot the bill but some of your tax dollars are paying into it too.  Some figures suggest the cleanup cost taxpayers somewhere between $1 – $3 per tax paying citizen in the U.S.  Los Angeles County probably the hardest hit at 28 million dollars for one year.  Yes one year.  That’s a very high number when compared to another major city “Chicago, IL” budgeting around 6.5 million for the year.  Talk about an unnecessary expense.

The more days you let pass, the harder the graffiti will be to remove as the paint will not have had so much time to penetrate the surface. If the paint is meant for furniture, it will usually be designed for long lasting effects even if used for graffiti, making it all the more difficult to use. So when you find graffiti at your establishment that is the time to call us. Spokane Pressure Washing specializing in Graffiti Removal.  We offer services for commercial, residential, business clients and councils. The products we use to clean are both effective and environmentally safe. It is important to realize that the chemicals used in many graffiti cleaning products you may buy will damage the surface from which you are cleaning the paint.

For this reason, it is better to contract a professional company using safe products that will not damage your building or surfaces. There are various types of graffiti cleaners which are designed individually for different purposes depending on surfaces. There are citrus based solvents or graffiti cleaner and potassium hydroxide based graffiti cleaners. Of these, citrus based cleaners are the least aggressive but will not work on certain paints however they are safe and do not require special disposal. Potassium hydroxide graffiti cleaning products are strong but do require several hours of soaking before washing and need an acid neutralizer for disposal. The strongest of all cleaners is tungsten carbide nozzle graffiti cleaner which uses sand and water and can only be used by the professionals. In preemptive defense of graffiti, some buildings employ anti graffiti products on the side of their walls. Of these there are sacrificial, semi permanent and permanent anti graffiti cleaners. The sacrificial one uses an anti graffiti wax which is melted to remove graffiti but can only be used once.

Etched or Scratched Glass Repair

Graffiti glass scratches is very common becoming more of a problem over the last several years. Glass scratch repair by is offered by Spokane Pressure Washing.  We can remove these scratches preventing you from having to replace the glass. The cost to repair the window is usually half the cost to replace it. Almost any scratch can be removed. Some window installation company’s will argue it cannot be fixed. They simply want you to buy new windows. Acid graffiti repair for glass is also common.

Why Hire us to remove your Graffiti?

We are Spokane Perfectionists at removing graffiti in most cases and are very good at identifying which treatment is best. There are several graffiti company’s that probably make the same claim. I’d recommend you research the company before hiring them. There are several ways you can do this. Customer Testimonials is an ideal way, but some company’s do not collect them. Another way is to search the internet for bad reviews. A normal google search “Company name, City, bad reviews” will usually do the trick.

Spokane Graffiti Removal and Other Services

Besides Graffiti Removal clean up we have a variety of other services offered to the Spokane & Spokane Valley area: moss treatment, mold algae cleanup, house washing, moss removal, sidewalk cleaning, fence washing, Driveway cleaning, walkway cleaning, roof cleaning, driveway sealing, walkway sealing, fleet washing, auto dealership cleaning, mildew mold removal, exterior commercial building cleaning, apartment complex washing, HOA pressure washing, shopping center storefront cleaning, Property management power washing, stucco cleaning, rain gutter cleaning, restaurant patio cleaning, fast food drive thru cleaning, heavy equipment or machinery pressure wash, gas station pad washing, loading dock washing, fence washing, brick cleaning and oil removal.

Graffiti Removal Service Area

Spokane Pressure washing provides graffiti cleanup removal for Spokane and several surrounding areas:
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