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Fleet Washing Spokane Wa

Fleet Washing Company in Spokane WA – If you are a business owner, you know the importance of maintaining a great appearance in every aspect of your company. If you have company vehicles, delivery trucks, or any form of vehicle, fleet washing in Spokane, WA is a great way to ensure that your company looks good wherever you go. Car wraps and advertisements are more effective when they catch the eye. Your ad won’t be nearly as effective if the car or truck is dirty and unattractive.Fleet washing will ensure that your time and money are used to their greatest effect in Spokane Valley.

Fleet Washing Spokane

Why should you invest in fleet washing? Why not just wash your cars and trucks in-house? Finding a good fleet washing company is a good investment for your business. Washing the vehicles in-house will require hiring and paying employees, buying equipment, and finding the time. Paying a professional fleet washing company will save you money in the long run. These companies have the equipment, training, and man-power necessary to get your vehicles cleaned and looking fantastic with minimal fuss. Don’t worry about all the overhead costs and logistics, find a professional to take care of things for you.

Fleet Washing Company in Spokane

How Fleet Washing will help your Company – Your fleet is a symbol of growth and stability.  It proves in several ways your company is doing a lot of correct things.  When a potential customer sees your shiny vehicle or an old beat up dirty service vehicle, who do you think they are going to trust giving their business too?   It’s the same as when you go into a restaurant and the windows or floors are dirty.  You have to wonder what their kitchen looks like.  It’s the simple attention to detail little things that matter in the end.  That company vehicle you always seem to see driving probably isn’t the same one.  It’s probably one of many.  How does that company have so many vehicles?  They are probably successful and growing.  I’d bet if you look real close the vehicle is clean too.  Fleet washing is something they probably have set up on a re-occuring basis.  We will make sure your employees are proud to drive your trucks or cars.

Fleet Wash


Not only is fleet washing a good financial investment, it will also help ensure that the job is done right. Your in-house employees don’t have the experience and specialized tools that are required to keep your vehicles as clean as possible. A professional company will provide high-quality service with a great work ethic. Their know-how will make the whole process quick and painless, freeing up your vehicles and getting them back on the road in no time.

Spokane Fleet Washing

Finding the Right Company – When looking for the right company, make sure to do the research. Find a company with a good track record for excellent customer service. Looking at company reviews is one of the best ways to guarantee that you find a company that will get the job done right the first time. The best unbiased reviews are found on third party websites where they aren’t subject to the company’s discretion. Go for a company with a high percentage of good reviews. A company with bad reviews will probably leave you feeling the same as those unsatisfied customers. Look for a company that has the proper training, equipment, and certification necessary. Vehicle cleaning may not seem like something that requires a lot of education, but you will see a night and day difference when you find a company that doesn’t cut corners. Find a company that will benefit your business by making your vehicles look great. An attractive fleet of vehicles will impress potential customers and show that your company cares.

Fleet Washing in Spokane along with other services

Besides Fleet Washing we have a variety of other services offered to the Spokane area: mold algae cleanup, moss treatment, moss removal, house washing, sidewalk cleaning, Driveway cleaning, walkway cleaning, fence washing, roof cleaning, driveway sealing, walkway sealing, mildew mold removal, auto dealership cleaning, shopping center storefront cleaning, apartment complex washing, exterior commercial building cleaning, HOA pressure washing, Property management power washing, stucco cleaning, rain gutter cleaning, restaurant patio cleaning, fast food drive thru cleaning, heavy equipment or machinery pressure wash, loading dock washing, oil removal, gas station pad washing and brick cleaning.

Spokane and Other Areas

We provide service to Spokane and several other areas:
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