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Deck Cleaning Spokane

If you have a Wood deck or composite deck and need it cleaned, you can either try and do it yourself or call a professional. Doing it yourself may save you a little money but things could turn ugly quick if you aren’t experienced and know what you’re doing. A professional company most of the time will make it look brand new without damaging it. Some tips if you decide to clean your own deck If you attempt to clean it yourself be careful.  Selecting the correct cleaning product can be very tricky and if you’re not careful you may damage it.  There are dozens of cleaning agents on the market.  Spokane Pressure Washing uses Sodium Hypochlorite.  This is a non forgiving cleaning agent if not careful you can cause permanent damage.  Sodium Hypochlorite is meant for mold, algae and mildew.  It isn’t very effective on dirt.  For dirt, our hot water system will work really well.  My best advice if you plan on cleaning your own deck.  Spend the time reading and researching the product and technique before you attempt it.

Hiring a Deck Cleaning Company in Spokane

If you decide to hire a company to clean it Be selective when choosing the company.  There are many out there but that doesn’t mean they’re all good company’s.  There are probably just as many if not more bad ones as good.  But if screened correctly you can separate them and make a good decision.  Start by checking their reviews or credentials.  All company’s have reviews written on them from past customers, the trick is to finding the real ones.  Some company’s will write reviews on themselves and guess what, they’re always good.  You can ask for customer testimonials directly from the company with a number to call and confirm or there are sites that specialize in collecting the review for you.

How to Find a Good Deck Cleaning Company in Spokane

Have you heard of Angies list? It’s a great company for fetching these reviews and they’re always honest.  The reviews come from customers like you and I that hired a contractor, had the work done, then left a review on how they did.  They charge a small yearly membership fee is between $5 and $15 for the whole year.  So for example – Sue is looking for a professional Deck Cleaning company in the Spokane area, but has already dealt with some flaky company’s she found in the yellow pages or even online. She remembers her Angies List connection – logs in to her account, searched “Deck Cleaning Spokane” This pulls up ten different company’s in the area.  She opens the first company’s profile which has 30 reviews.   After reading the reviews carefully she finds several negative ones.  She goes to the next profile with 25 reviews.  But this one is different in which out of the 25 reviews all but one are positive.

Sue calls the company and sure enough receives outstanding customer service just like the reviews said she would.  After scheduling the job, she also receives awesome customer service and the deck looks just as good as when it was new.  Just like the reviews on their angles List profile said.  It’s a really good way to separate the bad company’s from the good.  A very good investment in my opinion.

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